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Epic life quest

I was first introduced to the epic life quest by Brent Ozar, which led me to Steve Kamb. Both of these people seemed to be living pretty awesome lives, so I figured I’d give it a go. The quest is pretty simple, each level equates to 5 regular goals or one really big goal ticked off the list. There’s a lot of travel stuff on there, because I like to travel, and quite a bit of hobby stuff as well.

Current level: 6

  • Give a talk at New Stars of Data – completed 2021

Level 1

  • See the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (really big goal) – completed when I was 16 on a family holiday. We scuba dived a couple of times, it was amazing, I’d love to go back

Level 2

  • See Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (really big goal) – completed in 2008 on my Southern Africa adventure.

Level 3

  • See Ha Long Bay in Vietnam – completed 2015
  • Run a half marathon – completed the Robin Hood half marathon in 2019
  • Squat 100kg – completed year unknown
  • Deadlift 100kg – completed year unknown
  • Give blood once – completed 2019

Level 4

  • Hike to the Everest Base Camp (really big goal) – completed as much as I ever will in 2019

Level 5

  • Give a SQL Server user group talk – completed 2019
  • Blog every week for 3 months – completed 2020
  • Have a space in my house for everything – completed 2020
  • Have all of my savings funds up to date – completed 2020
  • Get the Azure Fundamentals certification from Microsoft – completed 2020
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