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New Stars of Data

March 13, 2021

I gave my first ever conference talk yesterday at New Stars of Data. This is a conference specifically for new speakers, where you get paired with a mentor who gives you advice and works with you to make your talk better over the months before the conference. It started out as a new speaker track at DataGrillen, but with the main event being cancelled due to Coronavirus it’s shifted to being a separate conference for the last couple of years.

I can honestly say the experience was fantastic. My mentor was great (Rob Sewell, also known as Beardy McBeardface or DBAWithABeard), and I learned a huge amount from him over the couple of months we were working on the talk together. I also got some really positive feedback from some of the more experienced presenters watching, so that’s really good as well.

I can’t recommend enough that you apply for this if you’re thinking about getting into speaking. Hopefully next year the DataGrillen conference will happen, and I think at that point this will be folded back into the main conference, but you will still have the support and mentoring I had. I’m definitely going to try and speak at more events, and I can’t think of a better way to get started on my speaking journey than this. Huge thank you to everyone involved.

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  1. Ian Groves (zerMikeSevorg) permalink

    Hi Chris, really enjoyed your presentation at New Stars of Data Friday, is it going to be posted to youtube that you are aware of? I could not copy down your github info quick enough, if the preso is there can you remind me the URL?

    I am neck deep in circular references after trying to get my main instance DBs into a solution and I cannot quite remember your strategy for dealing with all this…

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Ian, glad you liked the talk.

      The GitHub repo for the slides is at:
      There’s also a GitHub repo on the New Stars of Data site that has all of the talks from the day.

      I know the conference organisers are planning to make all of the talks available on YouTube, but as far as I know they haven’t gone up yet.

      The quick response to the circular references issue is to break one of the databases out into 2 projects. One of the projects holds all the code except the objects with references to the other db. The second project just holds the objects that have references to the other db.

      So, if your databases are databaseA and databaseB, you create projects A and B, and B_CircularRef. A has an other db reference to B, and B_CircularRef has a same db reference to B and an other db reference to A.

      Hope that helps to explain it, if you’re still getting stuck then let me know.

    • Hi Ian, I meant to post this a little while ago. The sessions from New Stars of Data are now available on YouTube, as part of this playlist

      Mine’s #5 in the playlist, but you also have all of the other sessions from the day if you want to check any of those out.

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